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2010’s Most Wanted


So we’re already more than two months into 2010, and we’ve already seen several big name releases like Final Fantasy XIII and the second installments of both Bioshock and Mass Effect. But those were just a taste of the big names we’re going to see landing in the rest of 2010.  Here’s a short list of some of the titles I’m most excited to play over the rest of this year.

God of War 3

Set to hit shelves in just one more week, action gamers have been drooling for this game since before the PS2 went the way of the dinosaur, and from the pre-release buzz, they haven’t been drooling in vain.  The gaming press are hurriedly proclaiming perfect score after perfect score, and it looks like this could very well be one of the greatest action games ever.  Cutting edge graphics, and perfectly paced combat aside, I just can’t wait to watch Kratos decapitate, disembowel, and forcibly amputate yet another horde of Greek mythological figures.  No matter how many times he does it, he always does it with style, and you have to respect that.god_of_war_3_e3

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Even for a company as legendary as Blizzard, it can’t be easy trying to build a sequel to what many people consider one of, if not THE greatest RTS of all time.  It’s been nearly twelve years since the original (pause for franchise fan boys to blame WoW…) and the second game is finally almost ready for release, or at least the first chapter of the second game is almost ready.  We’ll have to wait for the Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void expansions to get the respective Zerg and Protoss campaigns, but the initial game should have plenty of Terran-style action to tide us over.  South Koreans rejoice, Blizzard is aiming for a launch in the first half of this year.


Max Payne 3
We haven’t seen this bullet-time bad ass in action since 2003, and with Remedy hard at work on Alan Wake, the kids at Rockstar Vancouver took over the development reins for Max’s third outing. Rockstar has released screenshots showing an older, paunchier, balder Max who has apparently fled New York for the balmy streets for São Paulo, Brazil. The first two games were big steps forward in the (then just emerging) third-person shooter genre, so it should interesting to see how a new development crew will handle the white-knuckle gameplay and film noir style that gamers will be expecting. No precise release date has surfaced yet, but it’s been announced for Q4 of this year.


L.A. Noire

A detective story set in a faithfully recreated 1940s Los Angeles.  Think L.A. Confidential: The Game and you’ll be on the right track.  It’s the first game by Team Bondi, a new studio lead by Brendan McNamara, the guy responsible for The Getaway back on the PS2.  They’ve revealed almost nothing about the gameplay or plot at this point, but the concept is very intriguing, and given its developer pedigree I’m expecting big things when it launches in September of this year.


Halo: Reach

A prequel to the original Halo: Combat Evolved and supposedly Bungie’s final Halo game (for a while at least) Reach will take us back to a point in humanity’s war with the covenant where defeat seemed to be an all but sure thing. Just like in last year’s Halo 3: ODST the Master Chief will be conspicuously absent, and players will step into the armored boots of a Spartan known simply as Noble-6. (Reach takes place back in the days before the Master Chief was the only Spartan left.) It sounds like the boys at Bungie are giving their baby quite the send off, with sharper graphics, a revamped engine, and entirely new multiplayer content.  This one has no concrete release date either, but the official trailers have all said 2010.  Frat boys, start your engines.


So it seems 2010 will be yet another huge year for sequels/prequels.  With Heavy Rain out of the way, L.A. Noire’s the only original property I’m really looking forward to at this point.  What upcoming games have got you wiggling on your couches in anticipation?  Team ninja’s take on Samus in Metroid: Other M?  EA and DICE’s modern reboot of Medal of Honor?  Still foolishly praying that we’ll see Diablo 3 this year?  I wanna hear all about it in the comments.

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